Where to Find Country Music

I stopped into my local dive bar for a beer after work and ending up staying because there was a country band playing.

Three guys, late middle age. The drummer in a tight black shirt, pot-belly, wearing shades in a dark bar. The bassist morbidly obese. The singer and guitar-player with a cross between a mullet and a pompadour, wearing a black bowling shirt.

They were so good. Just calling out songs to each other, no set list. The audience partly senior citizen, out past midnight, two-stepping. The guitar player, no shit, was one of the best in that style I have ever seen.

If you want to see great country music don’t look towards your local rock club where hip kids are trying it on for size: look for three fat middle-aged dudes who’ve been working shit jobs their whole lives, probably spent time in the Army, probably vote different than you.

They invented that music and they still play it best.


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