Overheard onversation between a crusty-punk activist on his way to an Occupy event and two young black women on the MAX:

Crusty: Google FEMA Camps. That’s the red pill that will wake you up. You’ll never see society right again.

Woman 1: I’m black. I’ve never seen society right to begin with. I got other things to worry about.

Crusty: Everyone should be worried about FEMA Camps.

Woman 2: I’m worried about a cop shooting me because I reach down to tie my shoe and they think I’m reaching for a gun. I’m worried I can’t go into a grocery store without being followed around. Not FEMA Camps.

Woman 1: You an activist, though. I respect you. Even if that camp you all had a couple of years ago – that shit was dirty. Just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you have to be dirty.

Woman 2: I respect you too. Thanks for standing up for us people who will never be driving around in Bentleys and shit.

Crusty: Of course. I’m one of you.

Woman 2: No you’re not. We are black women. The black woman is the most endangered species in the world.

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