Johnny Ramone

Johnny Ramone Quotes-1

Johnny Ramone gets a lot of flack. First of all, for being a life-long, unrepentant right-winger in the punk rock world and also, maybe relatedly, for being the group’s grouchy, strict disciplinarian.

(Also, occasionally guitar wonks with a narrow definition of greatness get upset at seeing him ranked high in Greatest Guitar Player lists.)

The flip side of this is that it was Johnny Ramone’s discipline, toughness and no-nonsense authority that kept the Ramones together and touring and recording constantly for 22 years. He also handled their business affairs and was probably the only one remotely capable of doing so.

The Ramones had two songwriters. The primary writer was Dee Dee, who was a bipolar, borderline psychotic drug addict. The other was Joey, who had crippling, consuming Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and a variety of painful physical ailments.

Basically, the creative force behind the Ramones came from two crazy people. That band would have lasted one record without Johnny at the helm, steering the ship of batshit.

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