A Brief Remembrance

The hardest thing I learned through losing Jubal, and other friends, is that no one is indispensable. If I had been told about his death in advance I would have said, “No, I couldn’t bear that.” But I did. It wasn’t easy, but I found my way back to the everyday world. And if it had been me instead of him, there would also have been intense pain and sorrow for those that love me, but after a year or two, people would have gotten back to their lives. They would get up in the morning and go about their routines and laugh and cry and love and live without me. Or without you, if it had been you. 

I’m not trying to sound depressing, but the fact is that the world turns and humanity continues whether you or I or Jubal are there to see it. So enjoy your time here, love hard, live well, but remember that we’re only passing through. None of us are at the center of things, and the show will go on without us. But until then, let’s do our best to be like Jubal and leave some kind of impression. God knows he did. I think of him everyday.

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