The Nonpareil

Probably even a lot of people with zero interest in boxing have heard of Jack Dempsey, the great heavyweight champ of the nineteen-teens and twenties, who came roaring like a tornado out of Colorado, destroying everything in his path, until Hollywood and easy living took away his hunger. What fewer know is that Dempsey took […]

The Beyonce Chrysalis

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Beyonce had this massive televised concert special and, during the crescendo of the final song, all of her back-up dancers and band members left the stage, one by one, until it was just Beyonce, a single spotlight shining upon her, as she began to twirl, to spin, like a Whirling […]

Last Thoughts on Tom Petty

Tom Petty knew it, that secret alchemical formula, that thing, that thing that’s almost lost, the thing that happens with a few cowboy chords and a 4/4 beat and simple words that cut to the heart, all these elements together in perfect balance, that simplicity, that effortlessness that’s in fact so difficult – it’s the […]

The Undefeated

Mayweather spent the last ten years of his career protecting that “0” on his record. This last fight is the ultimate example of that. Personally, when I see an undefeated fighter I am immediately skeptical. An “0” suggests, most of the time, that opponents were selected with great care. Of course, too many losses suggests […]

40 Years

40 years gone today. Recently articles have been going around about how Elvis merchandise sales have been plummeting, and Elvis-related artifacts are losing value. As an Elvis fan, I say, “Good.” He was always deeply uncomfortable with his “legend” status – that discomfort certainly contributed to his death – and it was consistently reported by […]