The Beyonce Chrysalis

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Beyonce had this massive televised concert special and, during the crescendo of the final song, all of her back-up dancers and band members left the stage, one by one, until it was just Beyonce, a single spotlight shining upon her, as she began to twirl, to spin, like a Whirling […]

Last Thoughts on Tom Petty

Tom Petty knew it, that secret alchemical formula, that thing, that thing that’s almost lost, the thing that happens with a few cowboy chords and a 4/4 beat and simple words that cut to the heart, all these elements together in perfect balance, that simplicity, that effortlessness that’s in fact so difficult – it’s the […]

The Undefeated

Mayweather spent the last ten years of his career protecting that “0” on his record. This last fight is the ultimate example of that. Personally, when I see an undefeated fighter I am immediately skeptical. An “0” suggests, most of the time, that opponents were selected with great care. Of course, too many losses suggests […]

40 Years

40 years gone today. Recently articles have been going around about how Elvis merchandise sales have been plummeting, and Elvis-related artifacts are losing value. As an Elvis fan, I say, “Good.” He was always deeply uncomfortable with his “legend” status – that discomfort certainly contributed to his death – and it was consistently reported by […]

I Know You

Henry Rollins is not a major part of my artistic life. But he provided me with one of the most powerful, pivotal moments of my existence, artistic or otherwise. I was in 7th grade and, after a brutal custody battle, living with my father on a military base. Without going into too much detail, to […]

Reflections on the Presidency

When Daniel Ellsberg, the White House analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers and blew the lid on the Vietnam War, was attempting to give career advice to an up-and-comer named Henry Kissinger, he warned him: “You will feel like a fool for having studied, written, talked about these subjects, criticized and analyzed decisions made by […]