On Fake News

So, here’s the thing about the fake news controversy. It is not about checking a list to see which news sites are “fake” and which are “real.” That list that went around – I shared it – was certainly full of garbage news sites, but it’s not about creating a blacklist or telling people what to […]

Local Natives

That Local Natives show was a TRIP. First of all, I had a great time. Secondly, they are very nice and good at what they do. Thirdly, man – I didn’t get it at all. A friend I was hanging out with said it best: “This sounds like Christian Contemporary music.” And it did. It […]

Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano (born Rocco Francis Marchigiano) died on this day in 1969. He remains the only heavyweight champion in history to retire undefeated. He grew up poor in Brockton Massachusetts and discovered boxing in the Army, but only took to it as a career after doing stints as a ditch-digger, railroad layer and shoe-factory worker. […]

Dream Journal

An old dream, undated: I had the strangest, most intense, detailed, almost novelistic dream the other night. It concerned a community of Utopian religious believers who lived somewhere in the Appalachian mountains. They lived in a big, somewhat ramshackle ranch house on a property with several other shacks and barns, along with vintage pick-up trucks […]

Black Lives Matter is the Civil Rights Movement

The bitter irony is that there are a lot of people today attacking, or at least being skeptical of, Black Lives Matter, who nevertheless view the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s with great respect and even reverence. This is because it is very easy and safe to approve of something that happened a long […]


One of the things I noticed when I started doing a little boxing training is that Muhammad Ali did everything “wrong.” He held his hands way down at his waist, no guard whatsoever, breaking the cardinal rule of pugilism. He leaned back in a way that would put anyone else dangerously off-balance. He took unnecessary […]