I Know You

Henry Rollins is not a major part of my artistic life. But he provided me with one of the most powerful, pivotal moments of my existence, artistic or otherwise. I was in 7th grade and, after a brutal custody battle, living with my father on a military base. To say I was unhappy is an […]

Reflections on the Presidency

When Daniel Ellsberg, the White House analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers and blew the lid on the Vietnam War, was attempting to give career advice to an up-and-comer named Henry Kissinger, he warned him: “You will feel like a fool for having studied, written, talked about these subjects, criticized and analyzed decisions made by […]


On the anniversary of her death I always have to remember Rebekkah, my friend and my first love, and remember her here. She died, maybe not before the age of social media, but before it was ubiquitous, so she left virtually no digital footprint. It’s a weird thing in this day and age: she doesn’t […]

Felix Hatfield’s Boundaries

Felix Hatfield’s approach to music is so deceptively unstudied, so casual, that, to the unschooled listener, it might hide his mastery. But this dude is a Songwriter – capitalization very much intended – by which I mean he’s someone who has made the discipline of songwriting, the effort to find the perfect alchemical synthesis between […]

Standing Rock

With all of our fears of what’s coming, with all of the “what ifs” and “maybes,” with all of our anxieties and projections and analysis, with all of our vigilance and refusal to let down our guard, let’s not be so wrapped in darkness that we forget to celebrate the historic, unprecedented gathering of Native […]

On Fake News

So, here’s the thing about the fake news controversy. It is not about checking a list to see which news sites are “fake” and which are “real.” That list that went around – I shared it – was certainly full of garbage news sites, but it’s not about creating a blacklist or telling people what to […]